1 Affiliates

By referring users to our site, you can receive 5% of every single deposit they make into the panel.

Advertising us on social media sites, forums, even your friends are all great ways of getting valuable affiliates! Be creative and you can make hundreds with your affiliate link!

Affiliate Link

You can find your affiliate link here.

Minimum Payout

The minimum affiliate payout is currently $10.00, which will be applied to your POPULAR SMM  account

2 Your Own Panel

We offer a setup of your own panel for $25.00/monthly. We will advise you on advertising as well as helping you with all setup!

The panel will connect to PopularSMM 's API. Any order placed on your panel will automatically be placed on Followiz via your account, so make sure your balance is topped up!

You will have full access to an admin panel where everything can be managed and set up. Including: Payment processors, services, prices, users, preset themes, orders and much more!

To order your own panel, click here! -- (You must be signed in)

Alternatively, if you know what you're doing, you can purchase your very own panel here: Perfect Panel
3 Reselling

Since all of our service are automated, this allows you to be able to resell our services to others who are unaware of PopularSMM .

You can create your own threads, advertise on social media or reach out to local businesses. Again, being creative can go a long way by doing this!


We are selling IG followers for $0.05 / K, you can advertise those same followers for $1.00 / K. This can lead to huge margins as you will often sell more than one unit. Feel free to sell as many services as you like!

4 Direct Contact

If you would like direct contact with our owner/administrator, have a general question or wish to purchase a child panel, you can create a ticket and ask to talk to the administrator.